Family Owned and Operated


Welcome to The Ark Pet Shop! When The Ark first opened its doors in 1979, we strived for two things: the highest quality in customer service and the highest quality of animals. 30 years later, our aspirations have not changed.

What Makes The Ark Different

We offer an experience unlike any other pet store, from a museum-like tidepool, to exotic marine fish, or rare freshwater fish. Come see our incredible freshwater stingrays or our fascinating chameleons!


We also offer a large range of products for almost every pet! We stock a large variety of aquariums and supplies for both saltwater and freshwater fish; all natural dog and cat foods and supplies; unique bird toys and supplies for all sizes birds; products and cages for small animals; and supplies for reptiles! But whether you are an expert or a novice, we have what you need!

"The Ark Pet Shop" 1996

"Pet World" 1984

"Deep Sea's Aquatics" 1979